Litfaßsäule in analog

advertising 165165.jpg

My cameras are ranging from small to large format, from modern to vintage equipment, from automatic to manual. But the ones I enjoy —and I still return to—habitually shoot film. Cameras that have given me my favorite photographs or the best images are not always the same. It differs with specific projects, and cameras, in some small way, stir my soul. Like my Berlin project about the “Litfaßsäule.”

In Berlin now begins the big demolition of these advertising columns. Almost all of the 2500 advertising pillars have to give way. New ones are set up.

Critics fear that a piece of Berlin will be lost. Like dead tree stumps, they are ripped from the ground, breaking holes in the cobbled sidewalks. Crane trucks lift Berlin's advertising pillars out of their foundations and get rid of them. Almost all of 2500 has to give way. Except for 50, which are listed.


Many have been placarded in monochrome for weeks - red, yellow or blue. Since the big demolition got around, the Berliners are mourning the pillar-like an old friend. "Save the Litfaßsäule" stands on one.

"This pillar remains," someone scribbled on another. An artist collective sticks slogans on the traditional advertising media, which are usually more on tombstones - "oh, you will not forget that." Besides birth and death year of the advertising pillars invented in Berlin: 1854 - 2019.

Berlin, the hometown of the Litfaßsäule, carries Trauerflor.