Photo adventure


Traveling in Europe and taking the possibility to learn something myself at a Photo with an Adventure was the smart thing to do. I found out that this year for the sixth time in Duisburg a photo experience was going on. Within just one event, you can get photography, travel, and the outdoors. There are as usual as on fairs manufacturers and experts showcasing the latest trends and topics. Touch and try out and getting inspired by exhibitions, speeches, and industry insiders was a given.

To deepen my photographic knowledge and test my abilities in the visual field, I took the dive into some workshops.

All this happened at a fantastic location: the breathtaking industrial setting of the Landschaftspark Duisburg - a closed-down metallurgical plant in Germany.

One of the Workshops I took (Latex, Fashion Photography) were managed by Jochen Kohl and Patricia Klöppel with Model Jess from k2-Studio, Wuppertal.