Faces in Quiapo

Humans, their figures and faces is a long fascination for photographers and other artists. Many of us are intrigued by how people look, hoping to see a hint of their character, wishing to know them better when seeing their reactions. Even in street photography, these faces have their niche - street portraits.


This street portraits can be predetermined encounters, in which the photographer and the sitter come together to collaborate in making astounding photographs. Another tactic is to rely on the luck to spot a distinctive face in the crowd and trying to isolate it from the rest of the environment through framing or certain apertures.


Both of the approaches can result in excellent work. An essential part of taking portraits is to get a feeling what, sometimes subtle changes in angle or pose, make or break the final image. Developing the eye to see these incremental changes to reveal each human at his best is the key to this subject of photography.