Grinning - Fujifilm GFX 50R and Leica 21mm lens at f11

Grinning - Fujifilm GFX 50R and Leica 21mm lens at f11

Many photographs in street photography give you only a split second in which everything comes together for the photographer to make it a perfect image. Such moments can be lurking anywhere, just around the next corner. These "moment" photographs give life to a scene, elevating the everyday look to something special. The best thing you can achieve is that the image looks effortless even when it needed patience and fast reflexes.

Today I took to the streets around Quiapo in Manila to search for my unique focal point. This public stage always provides some great everyday life scenes. And if you are out and attentive, you'll undoubtedly find something which captures your attention and results in a photograph.

I am spending my time on my feet - walking around, looking for visual prey - a fundamental part of street photography. Walking long enough around the serendipitous chance to encounter something is getting better and better. Mistakes are common and all the moments fleeting by, but instinct and an eye for what might be happening help. Patience always pays off, and I got the opportunity to make my image.

The area around Quiapo Church is full of color, and I decided to make my image in black and white not to be distracted by the different pockets of saturated colors around me.

I took the image of a boy, and he started to fool around. A big grin on his face made my day.

Is the image good? Is it just in the terms of Winograd? It is good for me - that’s sufficient.