GFX 50 R Experiment take two

walk the line Voigtländer 15mm-3.jpg

So another little write-up of my GFX 50R experiment. That is what this camera does to my creativity and my enjoyment in photography. I am not focusing on the technical aspects of the GFX 50R as the camera is nearly indistinguishable from its predecessor the GFX50S. Focusing speed, Processor, roughly everything is the same.

It is a smaller camera body with the same excellent image quality and internal elements. Differences between the cameras are primarily the design and overall usability. Here lies the magic of the GFX 50R, a new form factor. I like the feeling of the camera. The incredible experience that begs me to use this gear for my art.

The following sample images are taken as I love to make my images. For any pixel peepers, these will probably be a let down for any curiosity concerning dynamic range or depth. These samples shots as near to my art as I can get them in camera without a various degree of post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.