If you are not familiar with the Philippines at large there is one place you undoubtedly have heard about, it’s Boracay – a small island known for its powdery white sand, still some crystal clear blue waters, and before the closure of the raving parties from dusk till dawn.

Boracay a tropical island approximately 200 miles south of Manila reachable by the northwest tip of the island of Panay. It opened again to the public in December 2018. Where to go here? There are the two most known beaches, White Beach and Bulabog Beach, but there are several other beaches as well.

White Beach is the main beach about three kilometers long and lined with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and related businesses. At the northern end of White Beach, a footpath connects White Beach with another beach Diwinid. Bulabog Beach is Boracay’s main windsurfing and kiteboarding area.


You can find luxurious hotel types to budget, spartan ones. If you choose according to location than know that Station 3 is where cheaper lodgings are located, Station 2 is within close proximity to the bars. Station 1 is held by the more luxury accommodations usually for, the more upscale vacationers.

The two modes of transport are motor-tricycles or walking along the beach. Pedicabs are also available other means are mountain bikes and motorbikes, all of which can be rented. To explore the coast, motorized bancas and sailing paraws are available. Bancas are outrigger canoes and are everywhere on the island.

I still think the new opened Boracay is a “soft opening” because work efforts are still underway. Strict controls are now regulating the entrance to the island. Before getting to this paradise, look at the new rules to keep yourself out of trouble. Only 19,000 tourists are welcome to stay on the island at any given time and about 6,000 tourists per day are allowed to enter. You are required to present hotel reservations before entering, and you can only book accredited hotels by the Tourism Ministry.


The most popular beach is White Beach a long stretch of white sand lined with bars and restaurants. This used to be where the parties were going on, now it’s as serene as the other beaches. Other beaches are Puka Beach 800 m long with the ocean on one side and a cliff and forest on the other. It used to be full of puka shells, thus the name. It’s definitely a lot less crowded than White Beach. The water depth also drops significantly as you get farther from the shore, so swimmers are advised to be careful. Bulabog Beach opposite from White Beach is famous for wind and kite surfing. Diniwid Beach 3 minutes from White Beach is an excellent spot to watch the sunset.


Here’s a list of what you can do apart from all regulations


Mermaid Lessons

Jet Ski

Banana Boat

Stand up Paddle

Yacht and Paraw Sailing