Issue and solution

Have you ever gotten out of bed, lazy and slow because of the night before? Hauling your body from bed to shower then to the kitchen, and craving that your mornings could somehow be made better? Iā€™m sure that this has happened at least once in your life as well. 

But there is nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix - or are their problems for the ones who have been immune to the potency of caffeine that might be the case.

I came up with a better method for me and maybe for everyone who feels precisely the way I do today? What to change or create? Would it be an alarm clock? Would it be window glasses that gradually, and automatically, reveal the sunlight? Would it be not to party too late the day before?

If you had just humored me and answered these questions, you are already in the first phase of creative thinking. An old process some might have forgotten - I mean thinking. As you think more, you'll see that creative thinking should begin with a human-centered approach, and it should be very much in range with your own demands. 

Since everyone can solve problems and innovate the concept can mainly be adopted by anyone and applied to anything. My "problem" is to enhance my photography as best as possible. To do this, I like to use more analog cameras. That will be my source for this process, if the images are good, then the photos can be my incentives for change. 

All elements I am introducing will be creatively thought upon, and I consider them as part of my evolution, a means to consistently improve. And, yes, the process of creative thinking can be applied to anything not only photography. 

I like to feature stories and visuals in the future that demonstrate how I use this creative approach for different topics.  Therefore the means of visual reproduction should change over time. I'm in the mood to create more visually-packed blog posts and a shift in the frequency of my releases. All these elements are part of my personal evolution, a means of consistently to improve. 

I hope you'll see a change in things and would be happy to get some feedback from your side if you find the time.

Due to relocating from Mumbai to Manila I am restricted on using my beloved Fuji X Pro 2 and a Hasselblad XPan, for the last one I have to find a good lab here.