Perspective, clouds and the art of seeing

As I was writing about traveling to relax and, getting rid of stress, I reminded myself of the start of many journeys. A lot of my trips started with boarding an airplane. In my opinion, this part of a trip is already fabulous; it's an opportunity to – quite literally – shift perspectives.  

Even if the experience is for many of us already a known factor think about the rush and excitement as the plane departs from the ground. It is for me a moment to break through the indifference, even as I am a seasoned traveler. During takeoff, we literally leave the earth. This reminds me of the ability to experience similar moments of change in my life. 
As I fly higher, I watch as facilities, dwellings, and vehicles become smaller and smaller. A psychologically healing experience, showing what all human diseases and dreams genuinely are: tiny. 

From up here, many things may begin to seem comparatively insignificant. But then you are rising higher until flying amid an unfamiliar landscape of cotton ranges and snowy areas. You’re among the clouds.

Clouds impose shade and release rain, but, close up their beauty becomes indisputable. We get a unique view, one that would have fascinated our ancestors of the past. Leonardo da Vinci would have definitely been envious. 

We are lured to discover unfamiliar cultures and one of the viewpoint is an escape from the usual drudgery of the day-to-day – the search for exoticism. We are looking to escape boredom. As a modern-day traveler, you can start your journey and relax even before you reach your destination. Look at the beautiful view high above the clouds and really take it in. Then, whenever the stresses of life become too much, you can recall this moment of serenity and, hopefully, relax as you relaxed in this circumstances.

This will offer a new perspective, a way of seeing that suddenly is filled with life and interest. If you’d like to sharpen your focus and deepen your appreciation of what you see on your travels, try to look closer at the things you encounter.

So any start of a trip can help to shift our perspectives and remind us of uplifting moments life has to offer an excellent way to find enjoyment in your surroundings.