Travel - relax - stress

A fantasy about some tropical islands and well-known enough. But as well as most of us get to feel the disappointment that real life inflicts on us. Instead of pristine beaches and relaxation, such a trip often consists of crowds of people, mosquitoes, and not to forget sunburn. The idea of traveling itself is usually a great deal more pleasant than the reality.

How to cope with these dangers? How to have a better time and a more relaxing one? I recommend to look out for the little things. This way we can find more enjoyment in traveling. 

As already mentioned before, the reality of travel has little in common with the dark fantasies that inspire us to hit the road.

Just out off the office, finishing up yet another working day, and remembering my fantasy about being somewhere else – like on a beach, in a hammock, sipping a cocktail and listening to crash of sea-green waves against white sandy beaches.



See the world with your eyes. Turn everything around!


The disappointments we are sometimes facing when traveling aren't helping us to escape from problems in the office. They aren't helping to relax anyhow, because wherever you go – well, the problems still are with you and the disappointment of your destination might add to get you even more stressed out.

This weekend I've been looking forward to an escape from my day-to-day routine. Time to relax and release. So just traveling in Metro Manila to another shopping district I knew this would be the possibility to explore a world of wonders. What would be revealed – so it was about adjusting my approach to it.

BCG is not precisely a far-flung travel destination, but the part of this city district was, for me, undeniably foreign. I found myself delighting in seemingly mundane things, such as the fountains, a huge bookstore and the car-free part of the High Street. 

You might think that today, there’s no need to explore because, thanks to thousands of travelers and Google and alike, the world has already been explored.  But as a modern-day traveler, you should look at the beautiful view around you and really take it in. Then, even the stresses of city life can bring you a moment of peace and relax you. Losing sight of the world’s beauty is easy. 

Look what fellow travelers are doing. Observe the habits of tourists. They tend to spend little time actually looking at historical monuments or breathtaking landscapes; instead, with a camera or phone, they snap a few photos and move abruptly on to the next compulsory sight.
But, if one doesn’t take the time to indeed observe things, what is the point of travel?

Unlike snapping a photograph, which takes no time at all, the process of making a picture invites us at the same time to ask questions. Why do I take this image? What is unique in the scenery? Is there some special light I'm attracted too? Encourages yourself to observe your surroundings with a keener eye, and appreciate them more.

Traveling, while having its share of pitfalls, can bring great pleasure and the possibility to relax at the same time. It can help us shift our perspectives and bring some uplifting moments for the next working weeks. Wherever you are, it’s important to pay attention to the details – that’s the surest way to find enjoyment in your surroundings.