Bye-bye routine. Hello - surprise!

It's said that a switch of location is as good as a holiday. So apart going on holidays as often as possible I'll have some predictable holiday every three or four years as my employer send me to different destinations all over the world. What fun.

Now in the capital of the Philippines, I start to explore the urban landscape might it shine or rain. And rain it did on Saturday. Yellow alert, orange alert, red alert - and surely it poured down. Nevertheless, a day to see this part of the city not only with my eyes but as well through my viewfinder as well.

Binondo is what I saw in my mind when I was thinking of my new home. I think it is valid to describe Metro Manila as vivacious, chaotic, always moving. There’s something about Manila. It's often tagged as a chaotic urban hub, but its charm is magnetic. Can you remember the uproar among the Philippine people when Dan Brown’s Inferno described this city as being the “gates of hell.” 

It certainly has its flaws, but despite this, one can still embrace Manila as it offers a myriad of scenes and characters that is unparalleled by any other city I encountered.

What would my accounts be without a stellar line-up of places to visit? So after Intramuros, where I certainly have to show up again, Binondo was one of the localities on my list.

So I looked around at one of the oldest Chinese Expat communities of the world and:

Bye-bye routine. Hello - surprise! 

 I came upon the 98B COLLABoratory. This is an artist-run initiative and a community + network + library + kitchen + shop. A setting where artists and creative individuals from other disciplines interact and work together. They present art, design, and creativity in different ways - a multi-disciplinary art laboratory that seeks to establish convergence with creatives and the general public.