Salcedo or Salzedo is a noble name from Spain and a possible derivative of the famous name Saucedo.

Saucedo became popular in the 16th century and indicates "Of or relating to the Willow Tree." Spanish settlers who came to America from an area known as the "Valle de Salcedo." 


There are trees in the park, and as you might guess like in the favorite proverb, the early bird gets the worm you might get some good deals when you go there early. The opening is at 7:00 am and the ending at 2:00 pm. Going early you'll on the side to get the freshest and best hot dishes that are offered. You'll find interesting things along the way. Time to discover beautiful meals and bargains.

The Salcedo Market is a place you shouldn't miss, not only for shopping but besides as a way to communicate with the communities and people of Makati.