Work - Travel - move

It appears ominous to confess it: I make a living by creatively advising and planning for delegations and artists in the economy and cultural regards. For the past twenty years, I’ve had a very comfortable life, the new digital lifestyle. Before getting my job, I outlined my daydreams as many are dreaming around the globe: a seat on the beach, some ice-cold cocktail, and a laptop on my knees. But then, the unusual happened.

I got the work. I got the traveling. I got my dream - sometimes the nightmare.

Mainly working in South East Asia, thanks to my generous employer, I lived the extraordinary life wherever I performed. I lived in St. Germain en Laye in France, drove around in a Por4sche 911, rented a Harley to drive around in Japan, and enjoyed the skyline view from the indoor pool in Hong Kong.

Jealous already?

Now that's a reason to be jealous 

Now that's a reason to be jealous 

That's just a glimpse into my digital nomad life. A glimpse into a life I never would have dreamed of getting. Most of the people I grew up in the Southern Part of Germany don’t even do creative work, and they’re positively not nomads. 

An unusual source of comfort in traveling full-time and a lot of fun at the same time. But, just like anything you do full-time, it inevitably starts to get monotonous after some time. If you do anything long enough, the boring parts catch up to you. Regularly.

But on the other hand, four years are flying by and then there is the novelty of a different place waiting for me. I don't have to change my attitude, just my surroundings. I have crossed the expanse of seas, and seen, ‘lands and cities distant and far away’, but my blunders will follow me wherever I am.

Traveling is suitable for my lifestyle as I am carrying my own state of mind around with me. Doing it this way you have to be your best companion.

I am fond of the high-degree-of-freedom life I’ve chosen. It’s satisfying. Because I can relocate any time, I’m free to go to the café I like, sit in various places, and do my work in my style. In the past three years, I spend my time in Mumbai, and as a nomad, it's time for a change. 

Most of the happiness I gain from working this way comes from having a choice, but in reality, you don’t need to travel around the world to find the truth in that. 

What will change in moving to the Philippines? You"ll see it soon. 


Mabuhay - Willkommen in Filipino