Feeling professional

Is everything in Texas bigger?  If this is true, then this medium rangefinder has its name for this reason - the Texas Leica. It was built in Japan, and its original name is Fuji GSW690III Professional.  The Fuji camera is capable of some fantastic results, it has an extremely sharp lens, and despite the size, it is quite mobile.  You get some tremendous 6×9 negatives with much detail that pull you into the picture.  Not a street shooter, but a companion for travel photography, nevertheless I use it as well in the street for some trial images.

The Fuji GSW690III Professional is a fixed lens rangefinder camera. A medium format film camera.  The negatives roughly equate five times the size of a 35mm frame.  6×9 is about the equivalent ratio of a 35mm film camera, so I am already used to it.  There is no metering function, and I rely on either sunny 16 or my smartphone light meter.

Here some images in b/w as well with expired Kodak Porta 400 film. By the way it's the camera feeling professional, not me, at least it is written on the beast.