Ménos photowalk Yau Ma Tei

Traveling and photography is something a lot of us do – there is always something to shoot and to see and you are never at a loss for subjects worthy of your attention. It can be challenging to get photographs that stand apart as famous sites and attractions are nearly shot to death. To create images with your own point of view and something new can be a challenge.

When photographing and creating images that captures what you see and what you feel at the time you bring your own point of view in the matrix. With these unique creative and personal elements – like a personal concept, perspective, angle of view, composition, and emotions – you can transform the picture. You will eventually come from a plain visual reproduction to a unique photograph that might exhibit your personal style.

i was happily included in the Ménos Photowalk on Saturday — a great experience. Most of my images are still in the lab Here just a random selection of some processed ones.