Stories around Crawford Market

We live in an era of images. Though photography has existed for nearly 200 years, the advent of digital photography and the relative affordability of high-resolution screens give us universal access to billions of photographs. We’re exposed to hundreds of images on a daily basis, from billboards and bus stops to a constant stream of Instagram posts.

At the same time, travel for pleasure is bigger than ever. The result: a world that has seemingly grown smaller.Photographs of far-flung places are more available and morenumerous than ever before. Enticing travel photography be- gets travel as we become inspired by the images we see and the knowledge that visiting these places is easily achiev- able. We travel to locations we’ve seen in pictures, make our own photographs, and share them online. The cycle of wanderlust continues.

But travel photography isn’t all rosy filters and floppy hats on the Riviera. For photographers, the flip side ofwanderlust is hard work and intimidation. Most locations have been photographed time and time again, so creating powerful travel photographs can be daunting. Ultimately, the strongest images will emerge from a photographer who not only possesses technical skill, but also has a deep understanding of why we travel and how each moment in a new destination gives us deeper stories to tell.