Our best friends - neglected


Imagine alone on the street. Nowhere to go, no one waiting for you in the whole city. You are hungry. Each step seems to be uncontrollable. Hundreds of humans are going by. You cannot talk to them. They do not notice your suffering. It's hot; you are unaided, neglected, exhausted… 


If animals could talk this might be what, they possible would tell you.   Is it fair? Do we have the right to close our eyes? Humans’ should take their responsibility and provide help to animals deprived of essential care and love.


Millions of animals are stray, lost, or in shelters. Numbers are growing every day. The dilemma of abandoned and displaced animals is a huge one. Shelters today are overloaded. Most people enjoy taking care of animals. There is an emotional connection with domestic pets. However, an animal we meet on the street is regarded as a beast. Take a minute to recognize the dreadfulness of conditions they are struggling in and try to think of helping them.