Filmstock to burn

One of my photo students from Germany contacted me today and send me a link to a lawsuit concerning Street Photography in Germany. At the same time, he asked me what my reasoning is to shooting more film lately. I love street photography as you never know what you are going to see, this depends on where you are and can vary from minute to minute. Shooting film on the street is an additional creative trigger as I know the result only sometime after and if I got the shot I was after I'm even happier.

 a lot of film to go through

 a lot of film to go through

Anyhow mostly you have to be quick and decisive; Henri Cartier Bresson :-). Preparation is the key; camera settings have to be chosen, like aperture and shutter speed. Zone focus is an excellent way to go and then it’s then all about observation. 

My favorite camera usually is a 35mm Leica with a 28mm lens. The intention is to get as close as possible to feel what’s happening.

Lately, medium format with a Fuji GF 670 Professional is my choice of medium; the reason is that it is a different challenge. Shooting with a medium slows down and let you think more. I like shooting on the streets; there is always something new. And a great image seems to linger around every corner if you look, observe and watch.