Leica M 8

The Leica M 8, released about a decade ago, was Leica’s first digital rangefinder. Today most people think this is old and not an up to date tool. So, are they right? Is it old and not worth anything? Or is the Leica M8, as I like to see it, an excellent second-hand camera?

Anything more than a few years old in digital terms seems to be out of date. Only new releases are the latest and greatest. The reality is, in my opinion, entirely different. Buying the most recent and newest just feeds and sustains the hypermarket of camera producers. It creates a race; everyone wants the latest, the biggest, fastest, and in this way makes companies and shareholders richer and happier.

Looking at the images, I got in Mumbai's springtime on my Leica M8 I'm happy to have it still.