Today I heard the cry of color

Digital cameras have excellent metering systems for color. To find the mid-point between highlight and shadow to make a balanced exposure is the first step. Cameras see in 18% grey and looking at your hand in daylight you will be in the right ballpark. Getting your exposure right in camera is more satisfying than making later adjustments on your computer. 

Looking, observing that’s what we do as photographers. We’re observers looking at the world. These observations are the force behind making photographs, and all depend upon light. Whenever I feel a lack of imagination and don't know to decide what to take images of, I come back to let light be my subject. And light and in at today's photo walk in Worli, Mumbai it was as well color.

Understanding the source of light is a connection to your surroundings and will enable you to put disparate things that do not belong together into the same frame. At least that is my opinion, and you can see the image I took this afternoon here.