Perfect light

The perfect light What does the ideal light look like? Is it the golden light in the morning or the evening, when the sun is low and makes everything magically, or rather a diffuse gray sky, which illuminates the environment evenly? Or rather that of a rainy day with excellent reflections in puddles? Or is it ultimately the mysterious light, when fog is wandering through the city and soften the contrasts? 

The "perfect" light does not exist - it should be appropriate to the photographer's intention and, of course, fit the theme. You do not get a pensive mood on bright summer days. Slight pastel colors that give you a hint of spring are hard to come by on a monsoon day. It is best to take photographs when the light matches your ideas and feelings. In photography, it's the answer you hear so often for different questions. It depends!  It can be the bright sunshine that creates harsh contrasts, or the cloudy sky that provides diffused lighting, or the Blue Hour. Depending what feeling your image should transport. Here some of my light huntings today.