Rebel and goat

Today I took a photograph in one of Mumbai's Arabian Districts. This photograph, even only one picture, as there wasn't time for another shot. This image tells a story for me to remember.


I was walking on the streets. Suddenly I notice a goat trotting toward an alley. I feel the energy of the scene and move toward it. And there, in front of me on the street, is a man with a T-Shirt and the writing 'Rebel' on it.

And at the very same time that I see the guy with the T-Shirt, I observe the goat stepping towards him in a kind of aggressive mood. And it looks, for me, as if this guy had just time to get out of the way. 


And all around them are people; nobody else is looking at the guy but as usual in India, at the foreigner with the camera. So what's the story here?

The rebel and the goat

The rebel and the goat