Driven by nostalgia

Kodak declared bankruptcy. Fujifilm stops to produce specific film stock Things look grim for analog film. Shooting digital where the quality is more or less on par with 35mm film cameras is the usual way. Filmstock, however, has made a comeback.

It is not about the gear. It is a combination of craft, know‑how, and art, it is about maximizing the things the eyes find most pleasing and putting feeling into such images as much as you can. Trying to minimize.

Everythings what helps to strengthen a story or express an idea; everything to create a link between an impression and the emotional reaction in the viewer is the right way to go. Good photography is not just about 'eye‑candy,' but about giving essence and meaning to what's on the photo. It's not just about framing, it is about matching up 'moods' and 'feels' - that is the importance.

And so I try to capture images in Sydney thinking about the above.