Brisbane exploration - in the making

On to the Australian continent to something other, without looking to the jumps between different locations, times, fiction and fact. Beginn of a new project in September 2016.

I am tempted to take a road of dangerous acceleration of fake images and alternative realities that follow the present mood. The front cover might be of a couple locked in a tearful embrace. Are they real? Are they posed actors? Everything is scarcely distinguishable from similar images, certain scenes taking place that day against images that are just part of a dreamed landscape.

Is there a set idea at the time or instead, a long editing process to assemble a free association between various motifs, including clones, dioramas, and spiritual iconography?

“If you believe in extraterrestrials and you see something dashing across the sky, is it going to be a ??"

And if you don't believe, are you going to see something else? Most of the time, we try to confirm what we already think and we only see what we want to look at.

I think the role of the straight documentary photographer is dead or at least in danger of getting trapped in a repetition chamber, as photographers continue to pursue dated notions of objectivity and authenticity.

Looking at Photo winners all over the world, we see vital work but also, inevitably, rehashed metaphors: photographers reclaiming the imagery of old paintings for example and making new photographs in a likewise manner. Are such images telling us something of the photographer, of the scene or our own beliefs or are they just pleasing? Such photos are lacking something if they are not acknowledging the process by which they are made. Are my images different?

A start to go - a project in progress - a photographer in residence in Brisbane - for the time being ......