Borrowed eyes

Porto as seen as a Flaneur

Porto as seen as a Flaneur

I will be traveling again this year, as a million others do. Taking trips to far and near destinations. Like much more, I intend to plan my trip to get the most in a limited timeframe.

The minute we think of going on a trip we start planning. Google is our best friend, and we don't stop to search the world wide web until we know every aspect of our destination. Looking at our next trip from every possible angle. Searching for images on FB, Insta, and Tumblr or any site alike. We then know every pebble, every stone, every corner we might encounter. A yes, not to forget the many bucket list and listicles of what to see, to eat, to experience.

After all this extensive research we have a good but preconceived notion what to expect. The deja vu feeling is already with us when we arrive.

Can you mention any place in the world where nobody has been before? I doubt it. It seems that everything has been photographed, painted, seen and visited. What does all the research amount too?

In my opinion to see the destination with borrowed eyes in the first place.

Walking and seeing, merely rediscovering what has already been seen and implemented in our brain. Is this the way I want to see the world myself? How could I be a different traveler? How to experience towns, provinces or countries like, let's say Marco Polo? How can I master the impulse to see the sanctuaries of the world in my way without preconceived images in my head?

porto-6 (600px, 25fps).gif

In choosing to discover a place with just my view and my pace, I know that this will be most probably a different adventure. Maybe instead of hasting to point A and then B to nearly miss C, but sitting in a nice bar or tea shop I might discover that I preferably watch the sunset than running around. Is this making me a less traveler? I don't think so. It just makes me a different one, and as I like to be a flaneur as much as possible, this way of traveling will suit my appetite for new destinations. That's my way of taking on my travel trips in the future. Will see what's the result in 11 months.