Port in Porto

There is fun and good drink and food

There is fun and good drink and food

It’s unquestionably been Portugal’s year in 2017 overall visitor numbers soared. Porto being named European Best Destination 2017 and striking to be Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination; the spotlight is justly on Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto.

If you think of a drink which is synonymous with Porto, it’s port – the strong wine from Portugal’s Douro region. For centuries wine has been shipped down the Douro River to Vila Nova de Gaia, where you find wine cellars like Sandeman, Graham’s, Cockburn, Taylor’s, which still display the early British influence. 


The UNESCO World Heritage city’s decaying look, the tiled facades, and Douro wine is a must see. After a repressive 42-year dictatorship which ended in 1974,  it’s only lately that Porto has seen the revival you’ll see now, experiencing vibrant street art and exciting local creators.

If you are here because Porto is the birthplace of the port you should visit at least one of the port wine cave, such as Graham’s or Ramos Pinto.

Just to remind you wherever you walk in Porto, it’s destined to be uphill so if you are on the lazy side start from the top and work your way down. 

So just get out and hit the streets and have fun.