Mumbai Monsoon Mantra

Living in Mumbai during Monsoons, I can tell you - there is no place like this. The tempests come without any warning, and it just drenches and flows. The city itself never stops, but it inevitably slows down during the rain.

During the rain, the Mumbaikars line up for a cup of chai and I am undoubtedly one of the people who like the purity of street food.  Much more I'm into photography and observing the natives and tourists as well as smelling the omnipresent aroma of dry earth absorbing the rain it is a must to go out with a camera and click away. The sight of the sea and the greenery are impressive. 

I just love to go out for a walk while it’s raining, especially after a heavy monsoon.  The clean scent of rain-washed air is a favorite spectacle during a tempest. Hope I can see sights of Mumbai soon, while I am still there and hope to get some images as great as they are in my memory.