Sleepy Valley

As Hoi An is about food and yin and yang, about balancing hot with cold, sweet with sour and salty with spicy, it is as well about Vietnamese loudness and a stillness found in certain parts.

Japanese, Chinese and European merchants, cruised here in the 17th and 18th centuries trading in everything their home countries where asking for a better life style. Silks, ceramics, spices, tea, you name it. As the importance of the port vanished Hoi An, and its surroundings remind me some time on a sleepy valley. 

Today you will see purple bougainvillea springs, yellow warehouses, teak and mahogany wood and blue sea in between tropical almond trees. Scenes that could have been dreamed up by novelists like Graham Greene serving as backdrops for film stories and paintings.

Here are some of my impressions.