Seeing like a Goldfish

Saturday and there is work to do in the office. Not only handicapped in my free time to this working schedule I feel like a Goldfish the third time. We moved in our new office about three weeks ago. First day in the office I experienced some water coming in from the side walls. There were some holes not properly closed.  

Second day even more water poured in due to some heavy monsoon downpour. Everything fixed now after the repair crew left. So I thought. But you should count on Murphy's law. Today, after all painting and fixing had be done the water found its way to the ceiling. Fortunately I was working today as the dripping like heavy rain disturbed me. Looking out of the window I didn't see a heavy downpour. I turned and there in the middle of the room I detected a kind of private shower.  

Not as amusing as it sounds. Up with all the electrical gear and some plastic on it for protection. So it will be again - drying, painting, work hindrance.  

As I took a taxi back home it started to rain again and the window got foggy. A good time to look outside and may be see the world like a Goldfish who swam out of his office cubicle. 

Marine drive in Goldfish view

Marine drive in Goldfish view