Some Vitamin sea in a tin box

From cliffs and windswept beaches to quiet bays and sleepy fishing villages, the Indian coastline offers a wealth of creative photo opportunities. So just grab a camera and head to the seaside.

Nothing is so easy as to complain about the weather, humidity, GST and many other things, but living in Mumbai does have its advantages. For starters, how many other cities in the world can you name where from any given point the coast is never more than some kilometers drive away? Ok, let’s not talk about actually hours to reach the coast.

The fact is Mumbaikars are incredibly fortunate to have this accessible coastline. As well as the landscape it’s full of variety. Bustling beaches, picturesque fishing villages, stretches of sandy beaches, and on and on. Add that to the ever warm, hot and most humid weather, and you can imagine the changes of mood along the various stretches of coast. A photographers paradise. So why not start by heading for the coast with a camera? And why not like in olden days with a pinhole camera? 

Here some of the pinhole type images produced in the last days.