River swimming

Swiss cities like Basel, Luzerne and especially Zurich are often on top of the most liveable cities in the world. The quality of life survey is in the top tier. I didn't get it always. Switzerland is very secure for sure but on the other hand looks a little dull.  

The ranking of the best living cities of the world you can find them under the first 25 towns. What is all the fuss about? Is it the security? Is it the lifestyle? Is it the food?

Sometimes it looks too safe, too clean, not too much grit. Does this mixture make the score? Yes and no. If you travel to Zurich in the colder times, it's chilly and not like Lisbon a sunny heaven for the citizens. But if the sun is out there is the freedom of Switzerland to be seen in the normal light. 

The river in many of the Swiss Cities is the cheapest and easiest way of urban transport. In summer the rivers are the hub of the cities. Just take your dry bag for your clothes and make your shortcut. 

At lunch time everyone is sitting and relaxing in the sun. Everything is organized and civilized. Don't forget we are in Switzerland. You can rent towels and dress and undress in pristine changing rooms. 

So much fun!