What if you are dizzy? It might be that the tetrahedron in Bottrop, which offers a fantastic view over the Ruhr area, might not be your cup of tea. 

Probably the most amazing pyramid in the Ruhr area, the tetrahedron, is located on the former stockpile of the Prosper plant in Bottrop. The Tetraeder in Bottrop is a very impressive building. Even more impressive, however, is the view that you have from here across the Ruhr area.

Nearly 400 steps to the summit - can you hear my breathing?

The "Haldenereignis Emscherblick" designed by Prof. Dipl-Ing. Wolfgang Christ and built in 1995 was poured between 1969 and 1993  are a joint project of the International Building Exhibition Emscherpark (IBA), the local association Ruhrgebiet (KVR), Ruhrkohle AG and the city of Bottrop.

At night, the tetrahedron is illuminated by a lighting installation by the artist Jürgen LIT Fischer and offers impressions and views over the brightly lit area, especially in the dark. 


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