Daylight development seems to be easier - soon

I used a Rondix 35 for a long time and it is still in good condition. I was always looking for something alike to use for my 120 film and now it seems that an Italian/German coproduction is coming up with a good solution. It should be out in autumn this year. Hope it will work.

If you wonder how the Rondix works here is a good video on Youtube which I couldn't explain better. Have a look here if interested. The main things to do are the following:

  1. One attaches the end of the film to the core.
  2. Fill the tank with developer
  3. Turn the crank at the rate of 30 RPM.
  4. When one feels the resistance that the film is now all out of the cartridge one starts turning the crank in the opposite direction at the rate of 60-90 RPM, viz. 1 to 1½ turns per second.
  5. When one feels resistance that the film is at the end.. Change direction again. etc. etc. Untill the development times are reached.
  6. Dump the developer while turning the crank.
  7. Fill with water, resp. stop. The machine must be truned from start to end at least once. Dump the contents of the tank.
  8. Fill with water again and repeat.
  9. Fill with water again and repeat.
  10. Fill the tank with fix. Keep turning the crank at the rate of 60-90 RPM while changing directions when one has reached the end. Continue for the amount of time needed by the fixing solution and film combination.
  11. Dump and wash.
  12. Hang to dry using the core as a weight.
  13. Wash the Rondix parts in water and let air dry.

You see, its easy peasy! And it will getting even easier with this project. So lets hope on autumn.