My Hong Kong recipe

Working Buddies

Working Buddies

Like any photographer, I choose to showcase some of my photography hoping that you might find some of it inspirational and perfect for a miserable Monday morning. I like to provide you with some inspiration for your work, presenting at the same time some useful photography techniques which might help you to achieve great pictures for your portfolios. 

In this post, I like to show graphic recipe I used for various scenes on my latest trip to Hong Kong. I think it was a perfect decision for the environment and light at that time. It is surely not an ultimate one, but it suited my creative idea at that moment.

I used a Nikon tilt-shift the toy camera film setting in my Fuji X-Pro 2. It is quite easy to control the orientation of the plane of focus (PoF), and doing so to know which part of an image should appear sharp - the so-called  Scheimpflug principle. 

With the bright light and all the colors around I decided to take some of the bikers which are cruising especially in the Wan Chai area. Here they are: