Animate me - animate life

I like to share my passion for photography and art with the world. I like to listen, collaborate and work with others to create a melting pot gushing with creativity and imagination.

To produce professional films, animations, and photographs within a determined deadline is a challenge. I would like that my media could communicate the story I see with clarity and meaning, keeping the viewer instructed, informed and inspired.

I am always excited by the creative culture of each city I visit and how other photographers express themselves in their environment. For me, it is so much fun living and breathing film, animation, photography, and through this medium experiencing life.

Animation and the creation of an illusion of motion and shape are my new adventure. The 'animation' is all around us, be it a tv commercial, music, documentary or even a video, mostly the stop motion animation type. So head on I will dive into a new adventure.

Starting easy in the video on top. Hope you had as much fun as I had in creating it.