Time bygone

If you want to see a time bygone, where photographic images of junk boats next to street scenes of mass migration were possible, then the exhibition of photographer Werner Bischof, is the right choice and will show you some glimpses into 1950s Hong Kong.



The images of old Hong Kong let you peer into these forgotten times. Junk boats in the harbor, migrants from China arriving in Hong Kong in 1952, iconic Hong Kong scenery with fishing boats, which disappeared from South China’s waters since. Bischof’s photos of Hong Kong are on display until March 30.



Bischof’s images of Hong Kong are enveloping scenes of festivities along with others showcasing poverty and dislocation. Bischof's strong journalistic influence puts mostly always the people in the foreground and depict them as the main subject. You might feel a closeness to the person he captured mostly people in their normal environment in a documentary style which many call street photography today.


“Werner Bischof – Hong Kong 1952”  at the F11 Photographic Museum, 11 Yuk Sau Street, Happy Valley.