Reading or viewing?

Alley near Crawford Market

Alley near Crawford Market

India a photographer's paradise - I wrote about this in another article here and still there is no doubt about it. But if you wondered why there isn't the daily post, which I did as an experiment for the last 365 days, I am switching to do much more multimedia stuff than before.

If you could look in the future, would you be reading this blog post or would you be viewing it? As online video continues its unprecedented rise, it's an intriguing question to consider.

Video will, according to different statistics be the subject anyone is going for. It will be difficult to find anyone in the business who doesn't suggest rapid growth in this area.

Video will be the means for people to satisfy their knowledge and entertainment requirements, most companies will include it in their marketing strategies.

Video - the future of content marketing. But creating multimedia content involves more steps than still images. Deciding what multimedia materials to use for example audio, animation, video or/and pictures is the least hard task.

To place the multimedia content in a valuable way together is the hard thing to do. It is a fantastic way of bringing ideas and content to the viewer but much more time consuming than I thought.

Following different Ted Talks and blogs, the overall opinion is that
most networks will "definitely" be mobile, and will "probably" be "all video." All social network's who implemented a live video feature are astonished that this phenomenon grew faster than expected. Live videos receive even more comments than pre-recorded videos, and the engagement is much higher.

So I still learning and Live video will need some time but here some recorded content about Mumbai's streets. Great opportunities for any street or travel photographer.