Bokeh time at f 0.95 or because I can


What is it that a lot of image-makers are lusting after an f 0.95 lens? A Noctilux - meaning "light of the night." Probably not the price point.

In the days of old still shooting with film, a lens like the Noctilux opened up the opportunity of making and taking images in low light that would have been impossible before. In the digital age, this isn’t quite such a problem as one can increase the ISO. These days more people choose the Noctilux to get a signature look rather than to speed up the camera in low-light situations.

The grand master - Leica Noctilux - as well the most expensive one, is a family of lenses made as well nowadays from other manufacturers in different qualities, capable of transmitting a vast amount of light compared to any other lenses in the world. The implication of it is enormous: Noctilux gives a photographer freedom to shoot in near darkness without a tripod. That means getting the shot versus not getting it. 

Why do I use it? Simple - because I can!

mumbai street-16.jpg