Sassoondock Art Festival in Mumbai


Mumbai’s oldest fish market is due for an artsy street-art push. Art in India is mostly for the rich, and the founders of St+art India want to change it. For them, art is an essence, which should be for all.

Artists were invited to create street art and murals in different districts and especially in old neighborhoods.  This should encourage people of any kind to interact with the city in a different form. St+art Mumbai 2017 is preparing for five art projects starting in October until December in the city of Mumbai at significant and historically parts of the Mega-City at locations like Churchgate, Mahim (E), Sassoon Dock and last but not least Jindal Mansion.
Artists will create murals, an exhibition more on the experimental side as well as performances, and workshops. This should engage various creative communities. Modern and historic parts of Mumbai, seemingly distant from one another, but part of the same city and history should be put together in different aspects.