Ding ding ding

Double-decker trams, ding ding,  the tram slowly progresses to the station, ding, ding, warning signal for someone to close to the railway, ding ding....

The Hong Kong tram affectionately identified by the locals with the name "Ding Ding" as the sound warns traffic and pedestrians of its approach.

The Tram has been haunting the busy streets of Hong Kong beginning in 1904. Kong Tramways operates a fleet of 163 double-decker which is world's largest fleet of double decker trams in service and runs between the east and west along the northern coast of Hong Kong island. You can experience about 30 km of tramways, from 6 am till midnight every day serving stations from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan as well as a circle to Happy Valley racecourse. Here a typical image taken in the 6x7 setting of the Fuji GF 670

ding ding.jpg