Put on your walking shoes and head to Marine Drive in Mumbai for some fun activities. Marine Drive is a familiar promenade, something of an institution, which runs the length of the Arabian Sea beachfront from Nariman Point to Chowpatty.

Nothing is more relaxing than a walk along a beach. A treat for the senses, a pure pleasure with and a healthy option that adds to the attractions. What to do - beginning with, walking – whether on the sand or elsewhere to improve blood circulation, making it a particularly proper exercise.

Known as Queens Necklace and others as the jogger’s mile, this strip that follows the water’s edge is as lauded for its health and fitness function and a great place for people-watching. Whether you’re taking a stroll or running, you’ll get a snapshot of Mumbai's multicultural diversity.

You’ll see workers lunching on the quay, teenagers taking a stroll after school, and if you’re there during ‘rush hour’ you’ll be joined by after-work walkers and runners taking in the sunset or photographers like me taking different images all along.