Of dogs and ...

I took a walk at Marine Drive and drifting along the Arabian Sea I reckoned to get some interesting images. It is the stretch of Mumbai's love birds, where family and friends come and go, where there are so many couples meet for the first time and where some try to exchange first kisses. 

My leisurely start into the weekend. You can call it a flaneur’s expedition setting off with no apparent purpose. Nevertheless, I always observe the goings on around me. I intended to stop at a couple of places like Chowpatty or the Trident, but other things happened, as it should occur to a flaneur.

First, I saw some flaneur dogs I’d seen before around this area. They are little scruffy and lean, but otherwise, healthy. One of them tempted me to stop meeting up with a young girl living here at the Drive. They seemed happy with their arrangement. The dog in a gentlemanly fashion sat down and greeted her. In the same gentleman spirit, he modestly looked away in a polite, but a watchful way. 

That was the time I finally photographed what caught my interest today. What do you think? A gentleman dog with a past, showing its reference to a young girl does it make the image more interesting?

A gentleman like dog and the girl

A gentleman like dog and the girl