Vivid Dreams

Thanks to the chance living here in Mumbai I have the possibility to see life as it transforms around me. From ragpickers in small alleys to international artists exhibiting in galleries. I can see an inspiring, almost cinematic, life-story all around.

I noticed that my fantasies became more vivid than before. Perhaps they are more intense with vibrant colors due to the Indian influence.  New spiritual energies are reaching my mind, and an increasing, sometimes frightening sensation of immersing in my flaneur street dreams engulfs me. 

I got the idea for a short video and series of images  I name “Vivid Street Dreams” from this new experience. When I came to Mumbai, I hardly knew the Mega-City — which is just my home now for nearly 18 month. And of course, I had a deficiency of the incredible visual onslaught I had to encounter. Consequently, I decided to start by taking on my vivid dream project.

Vivid Street Dreams will eventually become a photography publication that showcases the work and stories I found here in Mumbai at nearly every corner. Some extracts to be seen here.