Fashion shooting at Chula House

Fashion photography is less stressful if you organize a shot list before the shoot and rehearse technique and composition for each shot in your mind ahead. If possible preparing the location, props and clothes ahead of time would be a good idea.

Unusual looking models can bring interest to the shoot, whereas female models with large almond eyes, big lips, small chins and symmetrical faces are deemed “more commercial”.  

At this shooting it was advised by the client to shoot at the location where the fashion is produced and sold.  As it was not only a hot but a very humid day not only the photographer has been sweating but the model as well. A challenge for the make up artist and in fact a matter of resting in an air-conditioned room and shooting outside in short intervals was the only way to go.

The location for the spring/summer and natural looking fashion was ideal as it was a rural environment with a small garden, wood benches and some colorful backgrounds.

At first I was by moving around the scene and exploring which angles might work best to full expose the garment. This ended as well in climbing on the roof crouching low, working at different angles and moving closer to the subject.

Here is the link to more images shot at Chula House.

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