Don Xuang Night Market - Hanoi

Dong Xuan Night Market has been set up to meet the needs of locals and tourists and runs along Hang Ngang and Dong Xuan street, from the junction with Hang Bac right up to Dong Xuan market and is held, as the name might suggest, at night. With its stalls, the brightly lit food zone it is serving late night guests until early morning.


The market is crowded, noisy and brightly lit — a real assault on the sense. You might have your curiosity and appetite stilled as you try to choose from a wide selection of exotic Hanoi dishes: fried frog, fish meat pastes, rice and duck meat soup, but as well rice vermicelli and beef cooked in the south Vietnamese style and even just beefsteak and bread.

A steamy hot dish of Pho cuon (beef wrapped in long wispy strips of rice vermicelli, served with aromatic herbs and spicy sweet-sour fish sauce) costs a mere VND15.000.

Dong Xuan is a street market spreading over a surface of 600 square meters. As for prices, tourists should aim for paying about 70% of the item’s starting price, try your luck, may be you get even a lower price, depending on your haggling possibilities.

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