Street photography in Hong Kong # take two

For many street shooting is something its done when we're traveling. For others it's a prime form of photography.


Like any other type of photography, there are skills you can learn to make your street photography better, pitfalls to avoid and as always practice will make you a better photographer. There are some workshops around the globe where you can get a good grasp how to do it if you never have tried it or if you are to shy. One of this places is certainly Hong Kong.


You can stroll down the streets of this strange and fanciful foreign city and try your hand at street shooting. Hone your skills , capture the feeling of the place and capture the "mundane tasks" that are fascinating and unusual to people who don't live there.


If you are afraid to go out and try your hand in this there is help nearly everywhere. Here in Hong Kong there are certainly different photographers where you can get a good insight. One of them is Gary Tyson who did a street phtog workshop together with Eric Kim in this amazing city. You can find out more about him here.


And about the latest workshop they did together at this link.


Capture people going about everyday tasks in interesting ways is certainly fun and exciting. Your first efforts may or may not bear fruit. But with practice you'll get better and better images. Hong Kong is a real cool place to start it.


In this city are millions of people packed in a few square kilometers. High-rises, signs, neons, markets and frantic activity at any hour is the motto. Hong Kong is certainly a special place for street photography.


If you are shooting here in the streets be aware that the action happens very fast. You can’t stop in the middle of a sidewalk since you’ll interrupt the flow and people will push you around. It is difficult to compose since people continuously enter and exit your field of view.


On the other hand there is a lot of light even in the “dark hours”  due to neon lights which get you most of the time a  good shutter speed all night long.


So if you plan a trip to Hong Kong don’t think only about shopping. Get your creative juices flowing, may be think of getting a insight in street photography with a proffesional shooter on a workshop. There will be plenty of possibilities to shop and shoot at the same time…. Isn’t that wonderful ?

Kick your ass - and dance!

Street photography in Hong Kong