Street photography in Hong Kong

Early morning in Hong Kong and time again to test the capabilities of my NEX 7. Just around the corner of my present domicil there is a small market which seemed to be a good place to start. I had my settings on manual, my Voiglaender lens at f2.0 and ISO 100 because it was already very bright and f 1.2 is still a little bit tricky to focus with.

The NEX has an excellent peek focus mode where you can zoom in on your image you like to take and making the focus adjustments needed. I enhanced this with the so called 'Peaking Level'. This setting enhances the outline of in-focus ranges with a specific color in manual focus and allows to confirm the focus much more easily. There are different settings which I have to play with. Up to now it is set on middle and I get quite good results. The color can be set to White, Red or Yellow depending on taste and visibility.

Here are some of my images from today developped with NIK Software Silver Efex Pro II.

So it is your choice to laugh or cry but actually not with these images as there are some better in the near future - so I hope.

You always have to think ahead what you want to capture and the bet images you can get have already been made up in your mind. It is just a matter of time and circumstances to find them in real life.

This gentleman had seen me sneaking around and taking images. As he might be somehow active or may be a billionaire he decided to split his newspaper and hide behind the pages. Certainly he hadn't heard of a different POV (poin of view) but this got me a good chance to go in closer and test the Peaking Level at a near distance.

Street photography in Hong Kong # take two

Sony NEX 7 with Voigtlaender Nokton f 1.2 Asperical