Thanh Chuong Palace - Vietnam

Thanh Chuong Palace, the home and studio of one of the most celebrated painters in Vietnam, shines as an architectural gem showcasing traditional cultural objects, exquisite antiques and telling structures. A living space as opposed to a museum, regardless of whether history and art are your interests, a visit here will not fail to impress.


You will find this Palace from the center of Hanoi, about 40 kilometers direction Day Dieu Slope in Hien Ninh Commune, Soc Son District. Lying on a hill leaning back over Soc Son Mountain, the site covers about 10,000 square meters and keeps hundreds of cultural and historical artifacts of different time periods.


Visiting the complex, visitors have a chance to see old houses belonging to many varied regions and periods for example: an old stilt house of the Muong ethnic people from Hoa Binh Province or another stilt house from the Northern mountainous area, a five-floor tower built in ancient style and standing imposingly on the hill. At the middle of the site is an old house from the countryside of Nam Dinh Province.


Everywhere are statues made of stone, wood, bronze or ceramic, installed and displayed in houses and yards around the site. And there are the paintings of artist Thanh Chuong.

Phu Lang – Ceramic Village

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