Fashion Shooting at the Red River

This Sunday we had a Fashion shooting at the Red River. There is a sand bank, some small hills, a lake and a lot of possibilities for different backgrounds for every taste. The main point had beent to use available light and enhance it with reflectors either a white or a golden reflector to bring some warmth into the image.

Luckily the weather has been generous and we had plenty of sunshine, even some clouds in the sky as well the possibility to take some of the images in shade, against the sun and in full bright and harsh light capturing away on our four models.

It seems that everyone had a lot of fun and found some different topic to go for. Some went for portrait shots, some for a more enviromental approach and even some went for a story - a love story to say.

Here an image of photographers enjoying their experience.

and some of our nice and pretty model Maylangthang

there are more to find here.

Thanh Chuong Palace - Vietnam

Photographic Weekend in and around Hanoi