Lusting for gear?

2012 seems to be a year where everyone can come up with some lusting after new gear. Should I get one of the new Canon's, Nikon's, may be going Sony style or would Fuji make me the great photographer I wanna be??


Or going the other direction with a darkroom in my pocket?


Creativity is one thing you could not buy with even the fanciest of gear and getting good images as an amateur is easy and getting easier with each bunch of new cameras which roll out to meet their customers. I recently heard again from an interesting approach of the 'lesser photgrapher' which has some good points which you can read and download at different sides just go to: and you will find out.

What can be done alone with some of the phone cameras has been the issue in the latest HK Weekend magazin about phone photography at: Phone Photography

Palani Mohan shot his latest book, a compendium of bright images of Hong Kong, entirely on the iPhone.

And their are more stories likewise. So may be it's more than refreshing, getting your dSLR burden down, restrict yourself and get mor creative. Spent your hard earned money on travelling and other things instead of loading up with gear!?

It's the decision of each individual but you should at least think about it. It might open some doors of your mind you never have thought of.


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