The war Nikon/Canon - PC/MAC - never stop

Spending to much time on photography forums and other communities, I found that a number of trends are bothering me, like foul language, wanting all in one things, skipping experience and so on and on and on ...


Gear lust and the idea to buy a brush like Leonardo had – in order to paint a similar or even better Mona Lisa – just because of the gear ...


This kills me one of these days – at least for laughing.



The recent hype about new camera gear Nikon, Canon, Fuji you name it has some people in their grip like … I don’t know how to put it. Here is just one example from one blog concerning the new Nikon D800 with a kind of philosophical point of view (extract):


1) Success in life is never solely the result of good management, but always requires an element of good luck;

2) Good luck is not and will never be equally distributed;

3) Some folk lack the imagination to recognise points 1) & 2);



If you are looking at the blog entrance you wouldn’t think about being on a photographic related side with all this things about dildos etc.


So for me it’s just having fun shooting! I hope you do as well and so I got up early this morning to calm my senses and shooting some dreamy foggy landscapes.

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